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"All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into 1
#8288a. These codes have since been changed to read as follows: IMF 300-309 1
(Article six Section one) the United States and the States are the parties to the Constitution not you. Let me try to explain. If I buy an automobile from a man and that automobile has a warranty and the engine blows up the first day I have it. Then I tell the man just forget about it. Then you come along and tell the man to pay me and he says no. So you take him to court for not holding up the contract. The court then says case dismissed. Why? Because you are not a party to the contract. You cannot sue a government official for not adhering to a contract (Constitution) that you are not a party too. You better accept the fact that you are a Slave. When you try to use the Constitution you are committing a CRIME known as CRIMINAL TRESPASS. Why? Because you are attempting to infringe on a private contract that you are not a party to. Then to make matters worse you are a debt slave who owns no property or has any rights. You are a mere user of your Masters property! Here are just a couple of examples: "The primary control and custody of infants is with the government" Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62 "Marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties-the husband 1
(Federal Law) or the exceptional ecclesiastical laws prevalent in the United States 1
000 shares issued of which 18 1
000 were held by those in England. The Bank loaned the United States money in exchange for Securities of the United States. Now the creditors of the United States which included the King wanted paid the Interest on the loans that were given to the United States. So Alexander Hamilton came up with the great idea of taxing alcohol. The people resisted so George Washington sent out the militia to collect the tax which they did. This has become known as the Whiskey rebellion. It is the Militia's duty to collect taxes. How did the United States collect taxes off of the people if the people are not a party to the Constitution? I'll tell you how. The people are slaves! The United States belongs to the founding fathers 1
1778 to July 5 1
1781 States in Article 12: "All bills of credit emitted 1
1782. Now the UNITED STATES Inc. owes the King money which is due January 1 1
1783 Congress ratified a contract for the repayment of 21 loans that the UNITED STATES had already received dating from February 28 1
1787 1
1787 Congress gave approval of the meeting to take place in Philadelphia on May 14 1
1787 twelve State delegates approve the Constitution. The States have now become Constitutors. Constitutor: In the civil law 1
1788 from King George via France. King George funded both sides of the Revolutionary War. Now the Articles of Confederation which were declared in force March 1 1
1788) could borrow money and then because the States were a party to the Constitution they would also be liable for it. The next underhanded move was the creation of The United States Bank in 1791. This was a private Bank of which there were 25 1
1790 an Act was passed which was Titled.-An Act making provision for the payment of the Debt of the United States. This can be found at 1 U.S. Statutes at Large pages 138-178. This Act for all intents and purposes abolished the States and Created the Districts. If you don't believe it look it up. The Act set up Federal Districts 1
1794 which was twelve years after the War. Article 2 of the Treaty states that the King's Troops were still occupying the United States. Being the nice King that he was 1
1796. The troops were still on American soil because 1
1844. Pontifical laws moreover become obligatory without being accepted or confirmed by secular rulers. Syllabus 1
29 1
44. Hence the jus nationale 1
481 Great Britain to this day collects taxes from the American people. The IRS is not an Agency of the United States Government. See APFN web page All taxpayers have an Individual Master File which is in code. By using IRS Publication 6209 1
520 You have to understand that Great Britain 1
520 which states " But 1
Adra 1
Almeria 1
Apparition 1
Approved Under Paperwork Reduction Act is where form 8288 is found under OMB number 1545-0902 1
Audiotapes 1
BMF 390-399 reads U.S.-U.K. Tax Treaty Claims. Isn't it INCREDIBLE that a 1040 form is a payment of a tax to the U.K.? Everybody is always looking to 26 U.S.C. for the law that makes one liable for the so called Income Tax but 1
Barred Assessment 1
Benedict XVI 1
Blessed Mother 1
Blessed Virgin Mary 1
CP 55 generated valid for MFT-30 1
Cardinal 1
Catholic 1
Chastisement 1
Chosen 1
Christians 1
Church in Rome 1
Commerce and Navigation". This Treaty was signed on November 19th 1
De Syn. Dioec 1
Demon 1
Done Up Like A Vicar 1
El Ejido 1
FIRPTA-Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Account. The 8288 form is in the Law Enforcement Manual of the IRS 1
Falls & Regis 1
Fay & Co. 1
Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah. 14 Georgia 438 1
Funny or Die Video Archive 1
Gentile 1
God 1
Great Britain and the Vatican are corporations which are nothing but fictional entities which have been placed into your mind 1
Greek 1
His Holiness 1
Holy Father 1
Holy See 1
Home 1
Huguenots 1
Jesus Christ 1
Jewish 1
Jews 1
John Paul II 1
King George was the "Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and c 1
Kings and the various religions ever since. It is total and relentless mind control 1
LL.D. (Ruskin University) from La Salle University. This book explains in detail the nature and purpose of these corporations 1
List of Active Information collections 1
Little Britain 1
Making 1
Mammon is defined as ("Civil law and procedure"). Now turn to the "The Shetars Effect on English Law" -- A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land 1
Mark Vicar Todd 1
Maryland 1
Mojonera 1
Most Holy Pope 1
Mystery 1
Myuzyk 1
Obscene literature 1
Oliver 1
Our Lady 1
Padre Pio 1
Papacy 1
Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1492. Don't let this information alarm you because without it you cannot be free 1
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Roman Catholic 1
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Section One and various agreements. Is a cow paying an income tax when the machine gets connected to it's udders ? The answer is no. I have never known a cow that owns property or has been compensated for its labor. You own nothing that your labor has ever produced. You don't even own your labor or yourself. Your labor is measured in current credit money 1
Smith, Patrick, Vicar of Great Paxton 1
Smith, Patrick, vicar of Great Paxton 1
Son of Man 1
St. Michael 1
Supreme Pontiff 1
The Village 1
Totus 1
Vatican City 1
Veronica Leuken 1
Vicar of Christ 1
Vicar of Peter 1
Vicar of the Lord 1
Vicar, Jean 1
Virgin Mary 1
Vol 71: pages 1179-1200." It is clearly stated in the Law Review that the Jews are the property of the Norman and Anglo-Saxon Kings. It also explains that the Talmud is the law of the land. It explains how the Babylonian Talmud became the law of the land 1
WFMT (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.) 1
Withdraw of Consent Booklet the UNITED STATES is a corporation and that it existed before the Revolutionary war. See Republica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43. and 28 U.S.C. 3002 (15) The Ultimate Delusion By: Stephen Ames Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security 1
You have to understand that all slavery and freedom originates in the mind. When your mind allows you to accept and understand that the United States 1
a Person. "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Person." 9 F. Supp 272 "Word "person" does not include state. 12 Op Atty Gen 176. There are no states 1
a fiction at law. They only exist in your mind. They are images in your mind 1
agricultura 1
and carry out the enactment's of the Talmudic sages 1
and debts contracted by 1
and derived the laws 1
and disciplining the Militia 1
and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States.... the Militia is not there to protect you and me 1
and it is hereby ordered as follows: "This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997." Does this give a new meaning to Federal Judge William Wayne Justice stating in court that he takes his orders from England? This order goes on to redefine words in the Social Security Act and makes some changes in United States Law. Remember 1
and never can exist under government." Wynehamer v. The People. 13 N.Y. Rep.378 1
and of the United States of America." See: Treaty of Peace (1783) 8 U.S. Statutes at Large 80.. Great Britain which is the agent for the Pope 1
and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations." Article (3) Treaty of Varona (1822) If the Sovereign Pontiff should nevertheless 1
and the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them 1
and the public faith are hereby solemnly pledged." The Articles of Confederation acknowledge the debt owed to King George. Now after losing the Revolutionary War 1
and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. Senate Document No. 43 73rd Congress 1st Session. (Brown v. Welch supra) You own no Property because you are a slave. Really you are worse off than a slave because you are also a debtor. "The right of traffic or the transmission of property 1
apparition 1
arming 1
as an absolute inalienable right 1
as follows: S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997. See APFN Web Pages: 1
as found in Jewish Law by MENACHEM ELON 1
as under the Confederation." Another interesting tidbit can be found at Article One Section Eight clause Two which states that Congress has the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States. This was needed so the United States (Which went into Bankruptcy on January 1 1